For Men

You can be important in your partner or friend’s pregnancy.

Her decision will impact you.

You may feel alone and left out.

An unplanned pregnancy does not have to end your future plans or those of your partner.

HCW has helpful educational information available for both of you.

Determining whether to carry a child to birth is a woman’s choice but a woman in an unplanned pregnancy often looks to the father of her child to help with the decision. How do you feel about it? Do you care or are you concerned about her? She is looking for your support because she may not be able to confide in many people about it.

Inform her that you care and stand beside her in whatever way she needs. Inform her immediately that she does not need to have an abortion to please you.

Encourage her to make an appointment and get all of the information she needs to make a decision that has been thought out carefully.

We are here to help.

Should she choose abortion, do not abandon her. You, your partner; or both of you may find it helpful to learn about our post abortion recovery resources. HCW will always be available to both of you. Sometimes talking to a clergy person is also helpful.

Should you personally need to speak with someone who has also experienced abortion in their own life we are available for you with helpful resources and referrals.

Please call the center and ask for Lili, our Program Services Director at 760.728.4105.


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