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Verifying your pregnancy.

If you are sexually active, it is possible to become pregnant even if you are using contraception or birth control. Here are some pregnancy symptoms, but be aware that there are other medical conditions that can cause these symptoms. If you have been sexually active and experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to get an accurate pregnancy test and talk to someone about your situation.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

1.       Implantation bleeding

2.       Delay of your period

3.       Swollen or tender breasts

4.       Fatigue or tiredness

5.       Nausea or morning sickness

6.       Backache

7.       Headaches

8.       Frequent urination

9.       Darkening of the areolas

10.     Food cravings

Free pregnancy tests.

HCW offers free pregnancy test kits in a confidential setting. A positive pregnancy test suggests a possible pregnancy; however, results should be confirmed by a physician. If a test is positive, our staff will discuss all pregnancy options. Only a licensed physician can diagnose pregnancy.

Find out how far along you are.

If you are concerned about being pregnant or considering abortion, it is important to know how many weeks you are. Ovulation usually occurs in the middle of a 28-day cycle or about 14 days after the first day of your last period, however, ovulation can vary, especially if you have irregular periods. HCW can schedule a limited OB ultrasound referral with the mobile medical clinic that comes to HCW on a regular basis at no charge. The limited ultrasound may confirm the pregnancy, indicating how far along you are, or it may indicate likelihood of your pregnancy ending naturally by miscarriage. If this is the case you may not need to go through with an abortion procedure. Make an appointment for a free pregnancy test at HCW today at 760.728.4105.

Free ultrasound scan.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, a limited OB ultrasound will tell you if your pregnancy is viable and how far along you are. This information may determine what options are available to you. If you have a positive pregnancy test our staff may schedule a limited OB ultrasound appointment at Hope.


Abortion education. HCW does not provide abortions but does offer information on abortion.

Abortion is a medical procedure. You deserve to know the facts about abortion and the documented abortion risk factors. The staff at HCW will help you understand your options.

Care after abortion.

HCW offers support to women (and men) who have experienced a previous abortion. We provide an opportunity to receive help in a confidential setting, led by a woman (or man) who has also had an abortion experience. If you have any regrets about your decision and would like to find hope in the midst of your struggles, we are here to help. Please give us a call at 760.728.4107.

Abstinence encouragement.

HCW realizes many teenagers are sexually active. With the alarming increase in the rates of sexually transmitted infections and diseases, the healthiest lifestyle choice is to remain abstinent outside of a committed relationship inside a marriage. 

Parenting education.

If you choose to parent your child it is important to have a good support system. HCW offers educational opportunities that address pregnancy information and life skills as you prepare for parenthood, through one-on-one mentoring with a trained volunteer and group classes as available.  It is our hope that the baby’s father will be involved, and he is welcome at HCW.

Resources and Community Referrals.

Baby Boutique.

Women who come to HCW have the opportunity to earn Mommy Bucks at each visit to shop in our boutique. These items are all donated by members in our community.


Items available are (but are not limited to):



Baby clothes

Maternity clothes


High chairs

Baby beds

Pack and plays

Potty chairs

Various baby needs such as: sippy cups, baby bottles, etc.

Toys and books

Many other items



HCW has a wide range of community, government and nonprofit agencies referrals that support a healthy pregnancy, parenting and early childhood care. 


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