GED Classes at HCW

HCW Learning Center located at 129 E Hawthorne St, Fallbrook CA 92028

Classes are open to moms and dads over 18 who are in pregnancy or have children under 2. All participating in the GED program must sign up for our Earn While You Learn Program that allows them to earn vouchers for needed baby items such as baby food, formula, clothing, furniture, etc. For more information please call 760.728.4105 and ask for Carolyn.

Why offer GED Prep Classes at HCW?




HCW is aware that one of the greatest obstacles that many of the moms who come to us face is an incomplete high school education. This puts young moms at risk of falling into unplanned pregnancy, poverty and homelessness. We have a strong group of trained volunteers who focus on preparing moms in our programs to take their GED tests. 


Once ready HCW pays for the first attempt at each of the five tests required to secure a GED. GED classes will meet for three hours weekly at HCW

For more information please call 760.728.4105 and ask for Carolyn. A GED client advocate will contact you to inform you of space availability. We are always in need of additional GED client advocates. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact HCW Program Services Director Lili Ramirez and let her know at 760.728.4105.

125 E Hawthorne St, Fallbrook CA 92028; Mail: PO Box 1588, Fallbrook CA 92088-1588

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