Your Options

So you are pregnant. What do you do now?

Once you are pregnant and you have the baby your options are as follows:


Should I consider adoption for my baby?

Should you choose adoption for your baby you need to seek legal advice. Seek your family and friends for emotional support. Tell the father because his consent most likely will be needed for you to proceed with adoption. Whether you choose an agency adoption or do it privately; adoptions can be very open or very private. You have the opportunity to choose a family or set guidelines on what type of family will be best for your baby.

Should I parent my baby?

Regardless of your age becoming a parent is tough. It takes sacrifice and demands accepting responsibility for someone else’s life. You are no longer the child, your baby is. If at all possible have the support from your family and also the father. Babies benefit from growing to know everyone in your family and on the father’s side.

What about rights for the father?

Once again, if you are the father of the baby you need to seek legal advice. Where you live and how far the mother is in her pregnancy could make a difference. Most likely the cost will not be a deterrent for you and will be well worth the peace of mind it provides.

Is it hard to get an abortion?

Depending on where you live, abortion may not be an option or may be of limited availability. Check with your local pregnancy or crisis hotline for specific information about the laws and availability of abortion in your area.

Do I need my parent’s permission to have an abortion?

This depends on your age and on the laws where you live. HCW is available to discuss this with you or you may call the crisis hotline on our website.

HCW may be able to offer you some advice and support. We offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are available free to some of our members. Call us at 760.728.4105 and let us provide helpful information and a listening ear.



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